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As an immigrant, you have experienced loss, and it is okay to grieve

Change is messy, difficult, and emotional. You might know what stage you are going through, [...]

Invisible Women in a Predictable Society

Happy International Women’s Day. As it seems to me today, we need to unite for [...]

Being Grateful for Every Story Shared

Before You Dive Into Reading: I strive for transparency with my readers and want to acknowledge [...]

From Bystander to Change-Maker: Turning the Tide in the Workplace

Recently, a comment caught my eye during a discussion within one of my communities: “If [...]

Menopause in a Youth-Obsessed Culture: A North American Dilemma

In February of 2022, when the war escalated in my motherland Ukraine, I found myself [...]

The Lost Art of Powerful Questioning

The last few weeks have been a journey brimming with insights and self-reflection, all of [...]

How Time Perception Impacts Effective Meetings

Different cultures perceive time differently, and these differences can impact their attitude towards meetings. For example, [...]

Bring Them Home

One of the most profound performances that I have ever experienced in my life was [...]

7.9 Billion Visions of Friendship

A couple of times over the last months, I had conversations with diverse groups about [...]

What is the true source of your fear?

When I discovered Open AI & Chat GPT for myself on December 4th, I immediately wanted to [...]