Career and Skills Mapping

Quiet Tenacity is thrilled to unveil the upcoming launch of our AI Enabled Career Blueprint!

This tool is tailored for immigrants and IEPs eyeing a career in Canada. While offering general guidelines, it serves as an excellent starting point for outlining the essential skills, certifications, and educational pathways you may need according to Canadian professional norms.

Our AI Enabled Career Blueprint simplifies your career planning, providing an overarching view to kickstart your Canadian career journey.

How Will It Work?

We’re working diligently to make the AI Enabled Career Blueprint as intuitive and useful as possible. Once it’s live, you’ll be able to enter basic information, and the tool will generate a generalized outline to guide your Canadian career planning journey. Stay tuned for more details!

Why Should You Look Forward to Quiet Tenacity’s AI Enabled Career Blueprint?

Streamlined Guidance: This tool will offer broad advice tailored to Canadian career standards, helping to facilitate your transition into the Canadian job market.

Informative Resource: As a valuable starting point, the AI Enabled Career Blueprint aims to give immigrants and internationally educated professionals a broad sense of the steps and skills they might consider for a successful career in Canada.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Whether you’re already residing in Canada or still planning your move, the AI Enabled Career Blueprint will be available online to help you begin your career planning.

Personalized Career Map Creation with Quiet Tenacity’s Experts

While our AI Career Blueprint will serve as an excellent introductory guide, for an in-depth, customized map that will meet your unique needs, we recommend booking consultation with one of our verified career advisors.These specialists can provide one-on-one advice customized to your unique situation, career goals, and any challenges you might face in the Canadian job market.