Quiet Tenacity’s courses are precision-crafted to help your team onboard Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) with ease and efficiency. We cover vital skills—from cultural curiosity development to conflict resolution—ensuring your team doesn’t just adapt but thrives in a diverse work environment.

We go beyond training; we create a Psychologically Safe space for candid dialogue. This makes us the go-to community where questions—often left unasked for fear of repercussions—are openly discussed and answered by experienced and knowledgeable subject matter experts.

Courses & Trainings

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The Quiet Tenacity Cultural Curiosity Training ©

Cultivate an inclusive workspace by deepening your cultural intelligence. Our program equips you for positive interactions with diverse teams and clients, emphasizing that while cultural competence is a lifelong journey, the skills for cultural curiosity can be developed now.

Content Highlights:

  • The significance of cultural curiosity and humility.

  • Ways to nurture and sustain cultural curiosity.

  • Identification and mitigation of personal biases.

  • Hands-on conflict resolution strategies.

Target Audience: Individuals and organizations aspiring for cultural competence.

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From Frustration to Cooperation

Transform cross-cultural conflicts into opportunities for collaboration. This workshop equips professionals to resolve conflicts and foster teamwork in diverse settings.

Content Highlights:

  • Uncover and address your own cultural biases.
  • Strategies for harmonious multicultural collaborations.
  • Navigate tricky situations with respect and constructiveness.

Target Audience: Professionals in multicultural settings looking to improve conflict management.

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Learn to Learn

Optimize your learning by understanding the neuroscience of how we learn. This workshop is designed to make the process of learning less draining and more efficient, guiding you towards a growth mindset and enhanced learning habits for consistent growth.

Content Highlights:

  • Neuroscience-backed learning approaches.

  • Strategies to overcome barriers to effective learning.

  • Leveraging technology for a streamlined educational experience

  • Brain-based learning strategies.

  • Overcoming barriers to effective learning.

  • Utilizing technology for educational advantage.

Target Audience: Anyone aiming to be a more efficient learner, from students to professionals.

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Performance Review Preparation Training

Navigate the nuances of performance reviews across diverse cultures. Recognizing that feedback is given and received differently across cultures—a fact that can present both challenges and opportunities—this workshop empowers participants to deliver feedback effectively and build stronger relationships. Master the art of performance reviews. This workshop is designed for both employers and employees to navigate Canada’s unique review culture.

Content Highlights:

  • Appreciating cultural variations in performance feedback.

  • Tailored communication strategies for diverse teams.

  • Enhancing team cohesion and understanding through culturally-informed feedback

  • Understanding cultural differences in feedback.

  • Effective communication strategies.

  • Building stronger team relationships through feedback.

Target Audience: Employers and employees.

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The Quiet Tenacity Immigrant Blueprint: Your Guide to Thriving In Canada ©

We know that immigrants and internationally educated professionals (IEPs) often encounter substantial hurdles in securing employment and assimilating seamlessly into Canadian society. These challenges can impact both professional trajectories and personal lives profoundly. Therefore, we are excited to introduce a transformative program designed to overcome these obstacles, fostering not only professional success but also personal growth and well-being.

Our upcoming program encapsulates the QUIET TENACITY CLARITY MODEL©, a comprehensive approach aimed at empowering immigrants to reestablish and revitalize their personal and professional lives in Canada. This model offers a holistic path that ultimately enhances employability and fosters smoother integration, enabling participants to navigate the Canadian environment with confidence and resilience.

We are thrilled to announce that the program will be officially launched at the beginning of November. The first 100 individuals to register for the program will receive exclusive perks, creating an enriching experience tailored to meet their unique needs.

Additionally, we are offering limited scholarships, making this invaluable opportunity accessible to a diverse needs of participants.

By subscribing to our waiting list today, you not only secure early access to more information as the content is developed but also receive exclusive updates and special offers. 

We deeply believe in the transformative power of this program and its ability to redefine the integration experience for immigrants in Canada. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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